Peach Honey


This was a fun one to make, not too complicated but requires a lot of time.

Homemade peach honey has the consistency of honey with peach flavor.

Here are the ingredients:

Fresh peaches (I used 14 but the amount can vary depending on what you have available)

about 7 cups of water

8 cups peach juice (you can also use peach-mango juice)

4 cups sugar or 3 cups of bee honey (or a combination of both)

1/8 cup pectin

(adjust recipe depending on how many peaches you have, this is not a precise recipe)

First peel the peaches. This recipe only calls for the peach peels not the whole peaches.

Peach Honey

Put the peelings in a pot with the water. Slowly cook until they are soft.

Then use a cheesecloth bag and press to remove all juice.

The goal with this step is to remove all chunks.

Peach Honey

In a large pot combine the peach-peel juice and the other peach juice.

Bring to a boil and add the pectin and sugar or honey.

Bring the boiling water to a simmer and cook it down until it achieves the consistency of honey.

This will take at least a couple of hours. Stir and check regularly.

I was tempted to take it out early but it needs a long time to reach the consistency of honey.

After a while it will look lighter in color and it will look like it has a lot a bubbles that can’t be stirred out.

When that happens keep cooking.

When you think it is getting close to being done,

take about 1/4 cup out and cool it so you can check the consistency.

It will set up a little more after it is all done,

but not much more than you see from what you have pulled out and cooled.

When the mixture has reached the right consistency, put it in jars and can them in your canner.

The length of canning will vary depending on your altitude.

Even though it turns lighter as it cooks, it ends up a deep honey color once it has cooled.

Peach Honey

14 peaches and the above ingredients yielded about 4 jars.

Peach Honey

This is a recipe that I will keep close. It turned out so rich and… peachy!

Click here for the recipe.